The Hyundai Ioniq is updated with successful and elegant restyling

Huindai Ioniq 2019

The Hyundai Ioniq hit the market in the year 2016 to stand up to the all-powerful Toyota Prius . For this, the engineers of the South Korean firm thoroughly studied their rival, to improve in their model those points in which that one faltered. Thus, they created a hybrid , plug-in hybrid and electric model, which is working very well in the market. However, the passage of time and the arrival of new rivals, could harm you.

For this reason, the Hyundai Ioniq has received a slight restyling of half life that updates its image and technological endowment. As happened in its launch, the changes suffered by Hyundai Hybrid, for now, will not reach the electrical iteration. In the latter case, they would be revealed in the next Geneva Motor Show , as it could include a technical review of your battery.

Sportier and more elegant exterior

 Huindai Ioniq 2019

Externally, the changes suffered by the renewed Hyundai Ioniq are subtle but sufficient. The optical groups incorporate Full LED technology (it is still necessary to know if they are, or not, dot matrixes). The bumper also changes its lines and places daylight LED in a new position. All the above elements are grouped around a grill of new design and honeycomb format.

If we jump to the behind , we also find changes. The most obvious are those who suffer the optical groups . In this case, in addition to incorporate as the LED technology forwards, they change their disposition. Finally, three new shades to dress the body are added to the range: Fluidic Metal, Electric Shadow and Liquid Sand. In any case, it is not yet confirmed that they can reach our market.

Interior of new stamp and higher quality

Huindai Ioniq 2019

If on the outside the Ioniq changes are subtle, inside the Hyundai designers have thrown the rest. From the outset, what is most striking is the size and position acquired by the touch screen of the infotainment system. Thus, it has gone from being integrated into the dashboard to crown the dashboard and grow to 10.25 inches . For this, the air vents have had to be placed at their feet, because before they were on the sides.

The controls of the air conditioning have also been modified. Until now, they were governed through physical controls, but from the restyling they will do it through a touch screen. This is placed under the air vents and has two roulettes to make the regulation of temperature easier. Finally, the dashboard has new moldings, which highlights the one located on the glove box.

The equipment possibilities of the renewed Hyundai Ioniq remain at a high level. The emergency braking system and lane change warning will be standard. Next to them will be Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems to connect smartphones.