The Chinese supercar Qiantu K50 will be manufactured in the United States

Qiantu K50

If we tell you that in China there is a small car manufacturer called Qiantu what would you say? Yes or no? Yes, and has in its range with a model that would take the hiccup to any passionate motor. However, the Qiantu K50 is a electric supercar that seeks to carve a niche in the market, and for that they are fighting those responsible for the brand.

In his native country, this electric model develops a power of 435 HP and 680 Nm of maximum torque. To do this, it has two motors powered by a lithium-ion battery with 78 kWh capacity. Thanks to this package, it achieves an acceleration of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.6 seconds and an autonomy (approved) of 380 kilometers . However, they want to make the jump to the United States, and to do this, they will change their data somewhat.

Chinese technology assembled in the United States

 Qiantu K50

According to official statements made by Qiantu Motors , the K50 will be launched and manufactured in the United States. For this, they have reached an agreement with a Californian company called Mullen Technologies . Thus, they will be able to carry out the necessary work to market the Qiantu K50 in this difficult market. In any case, the first step that you have to give is your homologation , because you have to comply with the rules of the American country.

The date that would have been marked so that the > Qiantu K50 on sale in the United States is 2020 . However, it will do so with slightly different technical characteristics than the Chinese version. Thus, its two electric motors, instead of surrendering 435 HP, will pass to deliver 407 CV . The chassis, in principle, will not suffer excessive variations, although they have confirmed that it will have a greater proportion of aluminum .

Qiantu K50

However, to the change, the starting price in China of Qiantu K50 is about 95 thousand euros In the United States it could be slightly lower, although taking into account the materials used in its construction, the difference will not be important. To justify this amount the K50 has elements such as Full LED headlights , digital instrumentation, large touch screen with GPS navigation and Wi-Fi and 4G connections.

For now, its arrival in the European market is not foreseen, although it could occur in small series. Even so, we still have to see how its construction materializes in America, because the company is very small and is now taking its first steps.