Tesla will reduce personnel to increase profits and clean up their accounts

The Tesla Model 3 arrives in Spain with this price

Since Tesla will announce the Model 3 has lived installed on a roller coaster. The commercial launch of his "electric car for the people" almost cost him his life. The reasons that almost make it break are manual: problems in the assembly line and a high cost equal to losing money in huge amounts. However, before the end of 2018 the joy came: they had managed to earn money thanks to the increase in production.

However, and although the situation is controlled, Tesla he does not want more risks. For this reason, she has put on the table a internal restructuring plan that should help her improve her accounts. With it, they want to improve each and every one of the productive processes that are already installed in their factory. However this improvement, which is positive for the brand, comes bad news, as part of the workers will lose their position.

Reducing costs, increasing profitability

 Tesla Model 3

Through an official letter, Elon Musk , CEO of Tesla has announced its 45 thousand workers the changes that are coming. According to the letter, 7 percent of the workforce will stop working for the brand. The way you plan to make this cut will affect full-time workers . In this way, they will keep employees on a temporary contract and those with personal agreements.

To make up for the lack of 3 thousand employees , they will be part of the assembly line a greater automation . Thus, the necessary investment for the new machinery will be amortized with the savings that will be produced in the payrolls of the workers. All in all, Tesla's idea is to reduce its productive costs while increasing the productive rate . Thus, the profit margin should increase significantly to make you earn money from the first quarter of 2019.

Overall, Tesla hopes with this restructuring to bring the final price of the Model 3 at the estimated 35 thousand dollars. If successful, they would increase their sales sensibly, since they would attract new customers who still can not pay the $ 50,000 they are asking for their access version. Finally, we will have to see how Tesla manages this increase in robots and reduction of personnel in the quality of their models. You can not afford serious or stupid mistakes, because the market will make you pay, and by far.

Source - Tesla

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