The Geely FY11 is the twin brother with air coupe of the Volvo XC40

When Zhejiang Geely Holding Group , known colloquially like Geely , it was done with Volvo , it made all of us cringe. The reason for this was simple: it was the first European brand to fall into Chinese hands. However, the time (and money) put on the table, have shown otherwise, because Volvo has not stopped growing. However, the Chinese counterpart had to take advantage of its acquisition, and it is doing so.

Since 2009, Geely products have gradually increased their quality thanks to good knowledge. make Volvo . Thus, ten years later, we find proposals like the ones presented these days, the Geely FY11 . This all-air coupe is none other than a version of the current XC40 . However, those responsible for the brand have opted to give it a very elegant design and an unparalleled level of technology.

Volvo technique and BMW-inspired design

At the technical level, the Geely FY11 is based on Volvo's modern modular platform CMA . Thanks to this base, you can make use of the mechanical range that animates the XC40. In this way, the T3 and T5 engines in gasoline and D3 in diesel will be incorporated into the FY11 range. In addition, you can count on the latest developments in terms of hybridization, as an auxiliary system is announced for the 1.5 Turbo block.

The power of its mechanics will reach the ground through the previous or four wheels. In any case, we will have to wait for Geely to spread the rest of the technical characteristics . The level of benefits should be similar to those reached by the XC40. However, the Swedish SUV is rather heavy, so we hope that the Chinese engineers have not increased it significantly, otherwise it will be a bit clumsy.

If its technical specifications are Swedish at one hundred cent, its design looks German on all four sides. With the exception of a powerful frontal in which stand out the Full LED and grille, the rest of the lines remind of another well-known model. In this case, we must go to the new BMW X4 , because the side and rear of the FY11 seem to drink from it. All in all, for now it is a prototype, although if it arrives, it will not be far from it.

For now we do not know in which room the FY11 will be officially unveiled or how long it will take to reach the market. In theory it should be for this year or at the latest in 2020 .