Karma joins forces with Pininfarina to design its next models

We all remember the hard times passed by Fisker Automotive If the bankruptcy of its battery supplier and the fire that destroyed a large part of its stock have not occurred, today it would still be alive. Those tragic events made it disappear and refounded under the name of Karma . However, the Revero , its only model, can not convince those who still think of the brand to buy a car.

To reverse this situation, Karma is working very hard in order to change your image . In recent years, its Chinese parent company has invested a large amount of money that should become new technology. In addition, they have thought about how to convince customers and the best way is to have designs that "break necks". For this reason, they have established a collaboration agreement with one of the most successful studios in the sector: Pininfarina .

Pininfarina will design the next Karma

Lance Zhou, CEO of Karma has confirmed through an official statement that

" Karma is united in spirit with Pininfarina through our shared commitment to amazing design. We are excited about the reaction we anticipate that will generate the final result of our association "

However, this association seems to go beyond the design of the next models that throws to the market Karma. Apparently, the American Chinese firm hopes to accelerate the development of its electrical technology, since Pininfarina has accumulated a great know how. Thus, they could create a technologically superior model to the Revero, as it is still a profound update of the Fisker Karma of 2012.

In the official statement distributed by the firm, > Zhou has not announced a specific date to develop this partnership. Neither have announced on which lines of work will be the center of attention, so we will have to wait for them to take the next step in their work. For now, the Revero is not achieving the expected sales results, so those responsible for the brand will have to reduce the deadlines to a minimum.

It will be necessary to be attentive to the evolution, because if there is no movement in one or two years, Karma could get into serious trouble.

Source - Karma

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